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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Your OB said what?!?

OK, I can't send this in to 's website since it's not my story, but it probably would make a great submission.

Today I had lunch with another mom whose daughter is two days older than mine. We were remarking how my due date was actually before hers, but her daughter was born first because she decided to have a repeat c-section. Her doctor only did surgery on Tuesdays, she said, so that meant she had either one of two options: deliver on September 11, or choose an earlier date. Dr. "I Love to Do Surgery" asked how she felt about having a baby that day, and mom said she didn't feel weird about it or anything.

'"Well, I feel weird about it,"' the doctor replied. I looked at the mom and said, "What?! It's your baby! Who cares if she feels weird about it. That's messed up!"

Apparently her doctor hadn't read the studies about babies being born before 39 weeks being more likely to have serious health problems. That's not to say they will be, but why take a chance when you don't really need to?