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Monday, January 11, 2010

"My OB said what?!?"

Before I come off sounding like I'm totally anti-doctor or someone who advocates extreme distrust in your physician, you need to check out this site. No wonder so many women have negative, weird or just plain absurd stories they bring back from their OB visits. After three pregnancies, all of them with their own interesting situations, I've also heard plenty of them.

My own bizarre moments included a nurse midwife at my doctor's practice telling me, when I suddenly changed my mind and decided to try a VBAC: "I don't want to be doing this, you know." Gee, thanks for your support. But the kicker was when, during the early stages of my last pregnancy, another nurse midwife in the practice basically told me that if something happened as a result of trying for a VBAC, it "was my decision." Lovely.

Some good ones from the website include:
"This is the only way your baby will clear the pubic bone!", to a woman told to remain in the lithotomy position. Dear God...

"You know what we call people with birth plans? Cesarean sections!"

Check it out, and be sure to join their Fan Page on FaceBook !


My OB Said WHAT?!? said...

Thanks for the link! You are so right! crazy things being said in the name of birth! Hard to believe some of the comments, but they are ALL TRUE!

The Deranged Housewife said...

No problem! I follow you on FaceBook...and I know some of the caregivers are complaining, etc. But if there's enough material to keep this site going and we can all somehow relate, then what does that tell you? *sigh*

I love to hear women's stories of supportive OBs - someday I might have one of those. :/