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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The "100 percent safe" cesarean

Yesterday this lovely little gem came across my FaceBook news feed:
“Really, I don’t like any risk at all. If it were up to me, we’d just go with the 100% safe cesarean section.” – OB to parents during a VBAC discussion.
Really... I bet!

And unfortunately, sometimes this is the closest women get to being "informed" about their options when it comes to childbirth.

I've been lambasted on at least one blog (not even gonna go there) for questioning what OB's say and suggesting that their white coats and medical degree make them sound more "right" and authoritative. I don't believe I've ever intentionally painted all doctors as bad, because I know they aren't. But I think there are a lot of people out there who think like this guy (woman?) - and simply don't want to deal with you because to them, you wear the words "potential lawsuit" on your sleeve. You are essentially perceived as a more difficult patient to deal with since you have a scarred uterus.

No cesarean is "100 percent safe." I'm not sure that anything in this entire world even is, honestly. There are clear risks to surgery - both short- and long-term - that it seems few physicians are open and honest about. If you plan on having more children, multiple cesareans can pose complications in future pregnancies and make it even harder for you to have a vaginal birth.

It seems ridiculous to think of future pregnancies and babies when you haven't even had your first yet, but remember: cesareans are forever.


Maggie said...

The audacity. A c-section is major surgery for heaven's sake! No biggie. 100% safe. :P Glad I found your blog through Mama Birth.

The Deranged Housewife said...

I have had two cesareans and a VBAC in between. I didn't decide to do a VBAC until late in my pregnancy, and my doctor did his best to discourage me with things like "VBACs can cause uterine rupture. I know patients who are on their fourth and fifth cesarean!" I literally had to remind him that surgery carries risks, including in future pregnancies - and I knew I wanted more than two children. He backpedaled and had to agree with me, much to his disappointment. I can't even imagine this being the only source of information I ever got about VBACs and c-sections. Unreal.