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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Birth Diva

More on Celine Dion, who is expecting twin boys sometime within the next few weeks: apparently there are reports that she has already scheduled her c-section date for October 22, which her husband claims is false. He adds that doctors want her pregnancy to go on as long as it possibly can, that they do not have a date scheduled, and that Celine (like most of us moms, geez) would "never intentionally endanger her unborn children by scheduling a birth early like this."

(There's also talk that she's not having a cesarean, but I'm not sure how accurate this is yet. I certainly don't think it means she's attempting a VBAC, just that she hasn't scheduled her c-section yet.)

Perhaps Celine is well-aware that some twins come early, and yet that some of them are coaxed/induced/nudged/forced into the world early because of doctors' preference when it comes to multiple births. Iatrogenic prematurity, or prematurity of the baby brought on by physicians due to either maternal/infant problems or just plain old miscalculation, is a big problem with multiple births - really, singleton births as well. While I'm sure Celine knows when she conceived because she went through IVF, lots of doctors simply don't believe a woman who insists that her dates are right/wrong based on irregular menstrual periods, ovulation and other factors. They like to say that few women really know when they conceived, but honestly, we were there when it happened, right? You, Dr. Due Date Wheel, were not.

"Reports" (whatever that means) claim that, along with the phantom due date scheduling, Celine "has exhibited diva-like behavior at the Florida hospital where she plans to give birth." Wow. I'm sure hospitals aren't used to that for a change: the mother calling all the shots! Celine has, apparently, been requesting specific nurses (you go, girl!) - that makes her a diva?! (Apparently her husband is denying that, too.)

Hello -  if true, this could be Celine's way of saying "Some nurses are nicer than others, and I don't want unsupportive, judgmental Nurse Ratched anywhere near me." Actually, plain old laboring you and me can request specific nurses at the hospital, if you get someone you don't like. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and fire your nurse - or your OB! - if they aren't supportive of you in labor!

Personally, I think all laboring women should exhibit "diva" type behavior when having their babies. Not in an arrogant way, or in one that puts them or their babies in danger, but in a way that says, "I am the laboring mom here, not you, and you will respect my rights. You will not treat me like an object, a cow that's to be gutted for the slaughter. You will not do things to me without my permission, and I will not allow you to mistreat me, or subject me to risk without a good, sound explanation. You will treat me like a person, and realize that I, too, have emotional and physical needs, that it's not all just about the baby. Because when I am cared for like a human being, I can care for others around me all that much more."

Rock on, birth divas!

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