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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Birth Day

Well, it's been over three weeks since my last post. Little did I know that the very night I last posted, I would go into labor and have such a crazy, yet wonderful, experience that would test my human strength and intuition. I was putting my faith into action, while God worked behind the scenes on my behalf!
Several hours after I blogged that Tuesday night, we ate dinner - something told me not to eat too much. I went to bed but couldn't sleep because of random, painless but uncomfortable Braxton Hicks contractions and some back ache. I think I slept for probably an hour, because I do remember having strange dreams. By the time I got up and walked around for the millionth time, the pain suddenly went up a notch - and then I lost my mucus plug. Because we didn't know what position the baby was in, we headed to the hospital about half an hour after labor started in earnest. 
We arrived at the hospital around half an hour later and headed for L & D. As I was signing the insurance papers, my water broke in a tremendous gush everywhere. For a split second I panicked, like the fact that I had made such a mess was my fault, or that now it was really gonna hurt. They wheeled me into a room and I got undressed and took a shower, which helped a bit. As I was coming out, the nurse took one look at my belly and told me she didn't think the baby was in the right position. 
While we were waiting for the ultrasound machine, they checked me - I was already 10 cm dilated! I was blown away. Here was the test to see how far I could get without pain meds and what my body could really do. I'm sure after doing the internal exam the resident could tell the baby was not in position, because it wasn't without a bit of urgency in his voice that he announced I was completely dilated. Then they wheeled the ultrasound machine in and confirmed what we had all suspected - the baby was footling breech. For some odd reason, like my last labor, I had no desire to push - which was a good thing in this case. And as soon as they told me the baby was breech, I knew it was a boy - neither of my sons could find the right way out! 
I was a bit let down, but knew in my heart of hearts - I was disappointed but remained calm while they proceeded to stick me nearly half dozen times to insert an IV line. Meanwhile, my husband was beside me nearly turning green at the prospect of another c-section. One resident shakily said he didn't know how to perform a footling breech delivery, and I almost laughed. While the nurse asked me if I wanted to attempt a vaginal delivery, I said no - I know that OB's just aren't as knowledgeable or equipped to handle such a birth anymore since they almost always do an automatic c-section. In fact, the only such people truly capable of performing such a feat are midwives. Since there wasn't one of those around for quite a ways, I decided not to take my chances and signed the release form. 
When Baby A arrived, we found his cord wrapped around at least twice - which is a testament to me, at least, that the Lord had a reason for him being in the position he was in. Perhaps the frozen Brussels sprouts encouraged him to turn in the wrong direction, we'll never know; but whatever the reason, it must have been a good one. I thought back to my months' old 'premonition' that this baby would be a boy born via c-section and kind of laughed to myself - perhaps that still, small voice was preparing me early on and I just wasn't listening? My ultimate prayer of a safe, healthy delivery was answered, and also one for a healthy child. I kind of like to think the Lord compromised with me on this one. 


muse said...

Maza Tov
I haven't read too far back in your blog, but in Israel they turn babies.

The Deranged Housewife said...

Muse -

Unfortunately my water had already broken by that point, so there was no 'cushion' that would encourage baby to turn. I think it was probably best not to considering the cord entanglement issue, too. If anything, I should have asked about this during my first birth, since he was breech, too - but if only I knew then what I know now ... :)

I also have a bicornuate uterus, which further complicates things ... *sigh*

Thanks for your comment. :)