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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"DON'T give up!"

I received strange, yet powerful words of wisdom, from my 2 1/2-year-old daughter the other day. 
With squinched face and pointing finger, she demanded of me, "DON'T give up!" Not quite sure where she heard that. But it resonated in my head as I have been preparing for this upcoming birth journey that is really a continuation of her her birth journey. Really, all three journeys are strung together in one long, epic story over the course of five years. 
Lately we've been resting, planning, praying and praying some more as we approach "The Day," whenever that is. A bag of frozen brussels sprouts ("sprubble brouts," as my daughter calls them) and a borrowed blood pressure cuff have been my best friends. I have daily, if not hourly, talks with God, in hopes that this baby turning is His will, but ultimately that whatever happens, it goes well and I can come to terms with it. So far He has already answered one prayer in keeping my blood pressure lower and stabilized, for which I am so thankful. And I also found out last night that my son or daughter does not like having a bag of frozen food placed on its head, as the head is definitely not in the same position it was before. I've been down on all fours, cleaning my daughter's room, anything I can think of - to get this baby to turn. So we'll see ... only a last-minute ultrasound can really reveal the truth.
It would be easy to just give in and assume that the baby won't turn, my pressure will be too high, blah blah blah ... and do the c-section already. Most women would have already done that and been over and done with it and home recovering right now with their babies. But I guess I'm not most women ... I'm not sure if that's good or bad. Time will tell, though. I don't feel like this is a gamble so much as me allowing my body time to do what God intended, or at least try. In a world where we're trained to want answers now without having to wait and are awarded instant gratification, I'm hoping that the end result will be a much sweeter reward for having waited. 
Hopefully my experiences and story will make it that much more encouraging to someone else in my position. In the words of my daughter, "DON'T give up!"