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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

OB complains about patient on FaceBook

This happy little post has made the rounds today over at - an obstetrician is openly venting her frustrations (well, now her wall is private) over a patient who has shown up late repeatedly for her prenatal appointments, and is now three hours late for her induction. The physician snarkily asks, May I show up late to her labor? (Gee, I think it's been done before...)

Apparently, she tells her friend, the only reason she's been putting up with it is because the woman has a prior history of stillbirth.

Hmm... On one hand, showing up late is not such a good thing. On the other, perhaps this mama doesn't want an induction. Doesn't like you as her doctor, but is afraid to tell you. Who knows what her issues are. All I know is, it seems like doctors have the market cornered on making people wait, often without any explanation, and you're just supposed to sit there and deal with it? What, like my time isn't important, too?

Someone said they had seen other posts on the good doctor's wall, including comments trivializing circumcision and complaining about having to return to the hospital later on in the day to do one. For some reason, her wall was public - duh! - and I hope her patient didn't happen upon it. How heartbreaking.

It kind of irritated me how both her friends and the commenters on Jezebel blamed the mother and acted as if the physician's time was way more important. "If it's elective, cancel the induction!" one friend trumpeted. I kind of agree. She might be better off if you do.

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