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Friday, March 30, 2012

Adventures in Potty Training!

No time is more stressful, or produces more laundry, than potty training.

I dreaded it with my third, even though, really, he's been doing really well for months. Of course he'd pee more for dad than me, but for weeks now he's been totally trustworthy running around naked, with unfettered access to the potty and doing great. I think I can count the number of accidents he's had on one hand.

Yesterday we had to make an emergency diaper run because we were all out. When I bought that package, I thought it would be my last. I don't mind having a kid - even two kids - in diapers, but why is it that a kid pee who pees standing up, holds it while he's in the tub, and solemnly pinches a loaf the size of a school bus can't do the same while wearing underwear? *sigh* He peed before we left, we put on underwear and even a cloth diaper lining the inside, and lo and behold he had peed in his pants as we walked into the store. At least he meekly said, "I want to go potty" right before, right?

If you thought changing diapers in public bathrooms was annoying, changing pants, underwear, and even a shirt is about 40 times worse. But at least there was some left so he could go pee on the big potty (in the store!), which is a plus.

Maybe our potty chart should look more like this:

I can relate to this one, especially when potty-training children get too close to a brand-new sofa. LOL
"Potty training a two-year-old is a bit like bomb disposal -
you are always on edge and you never know when they'll go off." 
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Tom and Juli said...

My oldest (girl) potty trained beautifully. It was definitely frustrating, but she learned quick and we were good.

Now my son is older than she was when she was potty trained and wants so badly to wear underwear. He knows how to hold it, and knows when he needs to go so it sounds like it would be easy right? No. Because his favorite place to potty is on the stool the kids use to step up to wash their hands. He does it on purpose. ugh. So he's in diapers still because I don't know how to remedy that other than what I've tried already. So now I'm just waiting and dreading. Someone could make a lot of money by offering to potty train children (and doing it well and in a non creepy way if that's possible. lol)... I would sell my car to pay for that service.