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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Natural Childbirth Videos: A safe place to share!

A few weeks back several people, including myself, shared a link to a French natural childbirth video, provided by the Navelgazing Midwife's FaceBook fan page. It got quite a bit of attention, and of course, FaceBook pulled it. (I'm sure the still photo of a woman completely naked with legs spread, birthing her child with an expression of glee, didn't help.) I searched my page and couldn't find it, and even did a Google search, with no luck.

Now the video - with a different still shot for the link - has resurfaced on Birth Without Fear's FaceBook fan page. Before someone decides to pull it again, here is a link so you can watch this tremendous process unfold for yourself - on land, under water, with support from partners - without worrying about it suddenly 'disappearing.'

Maybe not for the faint of heart, but overall I think most of you will enjoy watching some incredible births take place.

(I tried to directly import the video into Blogger, but of course it wouldn't let me, so you'll need to click on the link and view it in that application. Sorry.)

If you have others to share, please e-mail me or write me on FaceBook.


Autumn said...

Wonderful birth video :)

Though I do wish they'd left the cords alone longer in the ones we saw cut.

I especially adored the twins :D

Wendyrful said...

This was a lovely video. I LOVED that the babies were allowed to emerge on their own. How refreshing! That just doesn't happen in my local hospitals here in the US in the south east. I'm still looking for that LOVELY french birth video of the mom swaying and singing in her own home with candles around… that was so incredible, but I haven't been able to find it again, once they pulled it. I'm still looking...