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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My very first blog giveaway!

As I said on my FB fan page, I'm in the mood to give something away!

Once my fan page gets 50 fans, I'll give away a new copy of Jennifer Block's Pushed to a lucky reader! Read and enjoy, or pass it on to a friend who might be able to use it. It's great reference material for those arguments on birth we often find ourselves getting into, (what, me? Argue?! Never!) and a real eye-opener as far as what's truly wrong with maternity care in this country today. If you have a copy already, pass it on - heck, maybe even donate it to your local public library so there is one more copy of a reliable source of information out there besides the same old same old that's probably been on the shelves since 1986.

Click on the FaceBook box to the left to go to my fan page and click "Like" to be eligible. Hope to see you there!

And while you're at it, check out Jennifer Block's website at .