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Friday, February 5, 2010

Thank you, Target!

I just got off the phone with my local Target after searching high and low for a big honkin' box of baby wipes I just bought there a few days ago. Where could they be? Not in the car or the house. I tried to make a mental picture of the shopping cart and don't remember even putting them in the car to begin with. I know they were on my cart ... my receipt says I paid for them ... was I ever at Target in the first place? LOL My mom brain is trying desperately to remember.

I thought I'd call just to see if anyone brought them to the service desk, in the off chance that someone like me would claim them. She said they weren't there, but because the item was under $20, I could come back with my receipt and get another box! How cool is that? (And thankfully I didn't buy the super big honkin' box that was over $20)

It's nice to know they don't just assume I'm crazy. And I'm sure the cashier might forget to give someone his or her bags, or people leave stuff behind all the time. Although it's way out of my way, I'm sure my son's butt will thank me for it...